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Full Surrender Kundalini Rising - Visionary Art

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36" x 30"

Giving the deepest thanks to the Sacred Plant teachers and the incredible fast track healing that is happening all over the planet as the Incoming 7th Ray of Cosmic order and ceremonial White Magic kicks in, weaving us back into alignment and harmony with nature.


  * Limited Edition: 1 of 25 Available
  * Original Design by Rita Hraiz
  * Hand Embellished Giclet on Canvas

This Painting has all the elements of Earth Air Fire and Water.  It is a humble attempt to depict these benevolent telepathic Christed BEINGS from Sirius that appeared to assist in a healing session, they appeared as translucent in a blue light and their faces radiated gold lines. All four of them were one being in four bodies. Their transmission was so strong and the bliss so intense they had such a powerful silent presence.

Kundalini life force energy began to rise. Clearing many levels of karma and a deep purification unfolded, the snakes were revealing a misuse of sexual energy. The ancestors were present receiving light in this lifting of the bloodlines. A medicine woman who was working in absolute emptiness unified with the Buddha Field was moved, holding space also receiving the vision.

At the most difficult point, a vision of the Sacred Fire appeared. Then they prayed to the Ancient of Days. The Holiest of Holy and opened in FULL SURRENDER to the light of all CREATION. You may receive inspiration around what it takes for our ego to be in full surrender to the Light of the World.  

* This is available to collect in store (Glastonbury), or we can quote to send framed and unframed. Please do email us to enquire:

* Originals On Request 

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