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Rita Hraiz is an award winning, international designer who creates beautiful clothes with integrity woven into the smallest details. MUDRA is the culmination of a life-long passion to help conscious, contemporary women shine through the clothes they choose and the lives they lead.





As a passionate student of ancient wisdom and esoteric philosophies, Rita has fused western knowledge and eastern knowing to create a rainbow collection of vibrant colours that celebrate and activate the divine feminine in each of us. The power of light and colour to transform mind body and soul is the most ancient of technologies. It is in this fusion that she saw how colour can be a powerful tool - helping to sooth the etheric field. She learned that the measurable vibration of each colour has a different significance for the well-being of our energy field.


In the Far East the word “taking medicine” uses the same Chinese characters as “wearing clothes.” In Western Universities the light frequency of colour has been universally accepted as having medical benefits and enhancing mood.

Through MUDRA’s stylish, cutting-edge designs, women can wear Light infused with loving intention – choose cool blues to give an aura of calm serenity in a chaotic world, or pick flaming reds to ignite passion and creativity.


Rita’s powerful belief in the power of intention to heal and affect change drove her to travel the globe looking for integrity in thought and action for every part of the manufacturing process.

How we create our world is as important as what we create. She personally works with and supports and cares for these Nepalese artisans. She has sourced the highest quality Bamboo and 100% Mongolian Cashmere for her multi-functional collections. 


Mudra’s stunning capsule collections are designed and crafted for conscious women of all shapes and sizes.

Mudra offers women the opportunity to invest in a durable and timeless collection that is both versatile and luxurious. One piece can have several looks and several pieces can combine to create unique elegance for any occasion. 


The Mudra Collection is truly one of a kind, offering a fusion of bamboo and cashmere to create modern, sexy, timeless, and comfortable wear. As the only brand in Europe & possibly further a field that specialises in this unique combination, we pride ourselves on providing conscious women with an extraordinary wardrobe. Each piece is crafted with natural fibers, over 20 colors based on the principles of color therapy, and designed to flatter all shapes and sizes. Our unique capsule collection allows for versatility and longevity, ensuring that your wardrobe remains fresh, cohesive, and luxurious for years to come.