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We believe that it is the responsibility of every member of our Global family to consciously make a difference to the spirit and natural wealth of our planet. Imagine what could be achieved if all companies like MUDRA wove sustainable practical action into their daily businesses? For too long our fashion and clothing industry has ignored Mother.


Earth’s cries, poisoned our rivers with heavy pesticides, polluted our air with CO2 emissions and disrespected our third world families’, cultures and lands. The tide is beginning to turn as we become more aware of a simple energy exchange: what we gratefully receive, we can offer back to the land in a different form. Many people are now choosing to buy and wear clothes that have been made in fair trade conditions and using ethically sourced fabrics


Mudra only works with natural fabrics, such as high quality, Mongolian cashmere which are sourced and produced to high ethical standards. We love to build relationships with our suppliers and treat our Mongolian goat Farmers and Nepalese skilled artisans as part of our Global Family. We pay our people a fair wage, on time and help them to protect their environment by working with their traditional farming methods. Mongolian farmers are a nomadic people and cashmere production is the mainstay of their lives.


Despite modern industrialisation, nearly half of the population still live in the traditional nomadic pastoral way. Our Mongolian cashmere wool is shipped to Nepal and made into garments by a small team of skilled Nepalese artisans, with zero waste and natural dyes. Our collections are consciously created at every stage of the process for conscious women who expect more.