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Create Your Capsule Colletion with Clearpay


At Mudra, we have purposefully chose to create our Capsule Collections made from this innovative, natural & biodegradable fabric, we celebrate that it helps to lessen the impact on our Earth.

Most styles in the Capsule Collection can be worn in several ways allowing for unlimited creativity minimalism and sustainability & each collection is designed to match the last.

When we created this brand, we were thirsty for colour so this collection was created and inspired by colour therapy. To support you to feel the vibration of colour and to understand what you are radiating & attracting towards you through how you present yourself in the colour you choose.

Do you know what colour is empowering for you, what colour energises you or what colour brings in tranquility & spaciousness?

We encourage you to explore our "Explore by Colour” section of the website and if you are unsure what colour matches your skin tone, hair & eyes - please contact us as we offer free styling sessions. We would like to help you feel & look your best no matter what your shape or size.

Breathable & Absorbent

Many people who have worn clothing made of this fabric have stated how they are kept cooler, because the breathable fabric doesn't cling to skin.

The absorbent fabric also wicks away moisture, keeping the skin cool and dry. These insulating characteristics also make bamboo fabric warm in colder months.

It is also because bamboo fabric is breathable that it is good at remaining odorless, even when attacked by odor-causing bacteria.

Explore Greens

Anti Bacterial

When growing, bamboo requires very little to no pesticides, an attribute which scientists have discovered is from an anti-bacterial bio-agent called bamboo kun. 

Bamboo kun is bound closely in the bamboo cells, thus why it lasts so long in bamboo fabric.

It makes the fabric resistant to bacteria, and scientists have done tests to show that a large portion of bacteria that naturally incubates on bamboo fabric doesn't survive because of the bamboo kun property.

Explore BLUES

Texture, Colour & Appearance

Bamboo fabric is luxuriously softer than other materials such as cotton, polyester & nylon.  It is has a 4 way stretch, offering a cling free drape on all our styles.

Our fabric appears to look like other materials that are more expensive such as silk. It offers a beautiful, elegant appearance at all times no matter what outfit you are wearing. 

In bamboo there is so much longevity in washings it keeping in colour & shape wash after wash, whilst always staying incredibly soft on the skin.