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Create Your Capsule Colletion with Clearpay

MUDRA is a clothing brand rooted in the beauty of colour therapy. We use natural materials & silhouettes that embrace women’s personal expressions moving past conventional conditioning and perceptions of shapes and sizes. 

Understanding Sacred Sexuality & Right Relationship

1 Day Online Retreat | December 11th

We have now entered a new paradim. The old way of relating with blame and expectation is becoming obsolete. All of us are being irradiated with an enormous light incoming from the Christ, Krishna, Buddha, Allah & the White Eagle. This light is purging to the surface all that was not love that has entered you, inside all the places that we buried our pain and grief.

This is a time which will be known in the future as “The Great Purification”.

Bamboo from £32

Complimenting the structure of your neckline and ensuring warmth and cosiness throughout your wear. our lightweight Draped Shrug is perfect daytime, evening wear and an all round investment to welcome into your wardrobe.

Cashmere Lounge From £133

This pure cashmere hoodie, paired with our finest tracksuit bottoms will allow you to truly relax; perfect for long distance travel, at home comfort or on a day you  wish to feel relaxed yet stylish. Embellished with Tibetan Vajra’s and a unique cable detail we have designed this outfit to compliment all body types.

The Perfect Silky Gift

Meet our best seller & our exquisite Dharma Shawls for everyday use - wear on the move, as a sarong on holiday or even as a bed throw. Made with pure silk & pure Mongolian cashmere, these are an absolutle staple. The intricate artwok is designed by our Founder, you wont find these anywhere else - limited stocks apply to these pieces.


Minimalistic, exquisite and ultra lightweight.


The Female Form

The gift of life 🌱 How blessed we are to bare witness to the changing shapes and ever evolving expressions of our bodies. These vessels, our homes, shifting and expanding with us is we grow, evolve, transform, blossom. 

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