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Cashmere is known as The King of Yarns. It is luxurious, versatile and long-lasting. Mudra only works with the highest quality Mongolian cashmere from beautiful, long haired goats who breathe pure mountain air, drink from clear mountain streams and graze freely on high altitude grasslands. Traditional, ethical farming at high altitude allows the goats to grow fine, high density hairs to insulate them from the extreme Mongolian winters. The yield is hand combed from their underbellies in spring, so the goats don’t suffer from being overly hot in the extreme heat of summer. The high micron content of this hair allows Mudra to bring soft, air spun cashmere elegance to beautiful modern designs that are breathable, flexible and biodegradable.

Our Mongolian wool is hand spun and shipped to Nepal. Mudra Cashmere is knitted by machine to specific shapes and styles, so there is zero waste. We only source non-toxic Swiss dyes, using traditional dying processes and insist that all our water dye is responsibly filtered before returning to our sacred rivers. Our small team of skilled Nepalese artisans work with our designs and craft them into the beautiful and vibrant clothes you see in our shops.

We choose to work with pure Mongolian Cashmere because we believe it is a harmless, sustainable and beautiful yarn. Our 100% cashmere is durable, long-living and biodegradable. We believe that because we treat our goats, Mongolian families and Nepalese artisans with respectful love and support, our cashmere clothes carry that vibration and our customers can feel it like a soft and nurturing second skin. Our strong intention to developing life-long bonds with our supplier families are part of our attention to detail. Throughout our entire process, from carefully hand combing the yarn, hand dyeing and then hand knitting on the flatbed machines to hand linking, means your garments are fully imbued with so much love.

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