Ultrafine Pure Cashmere Dharma Pink/Purple Shipibo Shawl


These are the most wonderful gift for some one that is unwell and needs nurturing. This ultra fine highest quality pure cashmere shawl is imbued with the sacred song lines of the medicine of the Peruvian Amazon - inspired by the sacred Shipibo Macer Altar cloth with the energy of the Amazonian Forest and the kundalini serpents risen to the crown, wearing this is giving your self a most soothing gentle embrace …..

This colour combination is soft and gentle and good for transition and change.

There is something so sacred about these shawls - they feel like being wrapped by the most gentle angelic presence. So if you need a soothing very very light layer that has flow and an almost silky sheen then do try these ultra fine cashmere shawls also know as ring scarves as you can pull the entire shawl through a ring - that means its superfine.

Please note, sale items are none refundable, we will be able to offer a store credit for any returns / exchanges requested. 



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