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Tantric Union Dharma Silk Shawl

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Rita Hraiz Designer Sacred Visionary Artist, is thrilled and immensely grateful to have been able to print such a high quality digital print of her meditation inspired artwork and create a wearable Tantric Union Silk Shawl for all to be enveloped and soothed by this sacred design or wearable art.

This Painting depicts the ultimate of intimacy - IN TO ME I SEE - when the lovers dissolve all aspects of ego and can truly meet and hold that profound meeting - to be melted into paramount union - to earn the right to travel through each other in the most sacred way and through this to know the GREAT MAHAMUDRA the opulence of the absolute.

This Shawl will help to overcome any pain in relationships and is calling in the knowing that at the very highest aspect of our being we are made in the divine perfection in union with our twin flame. 

The vibrancy of the colours in this luxurious Silk Shawl is stunning, you will feel your self radiating and emanating love and healing wearing the painting of these intergalactic Tantric Union Shawl. We feel that by wearing one of these Sacred Shawls will give you a transmission to connect to the angel that you are inside, and inspire you to permeate that energy wherever you go.. healing not just yourself.. but others you come into contact with too.

Perfect for Yogini's and Tantrika's, in fact anyone wanting to harness and express their inner angel, and go on to invite others to connect with theirs using the power of colour therapy and sacred Art with the added bonus of looking absolutely stunning in the process.

Ancient Greeks and Ancient Egyptians knew how to harness the healing power of colour through Silk many years ago, using Silk to lay over people for the healing properties. Wearing silk has been associated with various healing powers like easing the symptoms of the menopause to anti-aging, helping eczema & asthma, sensitive skin, improving sleep and avoiding allergies. What a sublime fabric!

The ancient Egyptians have been recorded to have been using colour for cures and ailments. They worshipped the sun, knowing that without light there can be no life. Some of the early studies and theories about light were done by Aristotle. There are lists on papyrus dating back to 1550 BC of colour "cures".

100% Pure Silk Satin, which feels sublime on the shoulders and against bare skin.

Prayer and Blessing Shawls, Healing for self and others.


Machine Wash on or below 40 C | 104 F. Tumble Drying is ok. Iron garments on medium heat. Do not use bleach or dry clean. To remove stains, soak bamboo in lukewarm water and mild detergent.


Hand wash in cold water with mild detergent, soak up to 30 minutes - gently squeeze water until it runs clear. Or machine wash, no higher than 30 C | 86 F. Do not wring or twist & lay flat to air dry naturally. Do not tumble dry.


Hand wash in cold water with mild detergent, soak up to 5-10 minutes.  Gently squeeze water until it runs clear, do not wring or twist. Lay flat onto clean towel and roll up to rid of excess moisture, then leave to air dry natural.

At MUDRA we take our service to you seriously and prefer to develop a meaningful & lasting relationship with you. When you order we will write to ask for you your bust, waist, hip & height measuremnts, so we can send you the best possible size.

Bamboo has a four way stretch and Cashmere as a knitted garment is gracious and easy to wear.


UK 8-12

EU 36-40

US 4-8

AUS 8-12


UK 14-18

EU 40-42

US 8-12

AUS 12-16


MUDRA specifically designs many styles in One Size for women of all shapes & sizes. Wear these draped, ruched, open, tied or wrapped.