Shipibo Inspired Cashmere Waistcoat Blue / Turquoise

£99.00 £249.00

The Mudra team are in love with this stylish most beautiful 100% pure Mongolian cashmere waistcoat. We love this latest design by Rita Hraiz she has been moved by the song lines of the ancestors by the women of the Amazon and hand painted there sacred patterns showing how we are all connected to the “ Tree of Life “ and how beautiful life becomes when the two serpents are risen up ( an esoteric teaching in it self )

This is a really precious artisan handmade block printed waistcoat that is printed in 5 colours using wooden blocks in an ancient Nepalese technique and a LIMITED EDITION ITEM

We have tried to keep the cost down and only sell direct to you not via other shops. This Garment comes in 3 colour ways and in SMALL/MEDIUM or MEDIUM/LARGE and looks stunning with the matching dresses or with our plain cashmere fitted dresses or if you are a fairly hot person it can be worn with our new organic bamboo scoop neck fitted shift dress.

Please note, sale items are none refundable, we will be able to offer a store credit for any returns / exchanges requested.   



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