Laxmi Lotus Jewelled Swarovski Reversible Cashmere & Silk Shawl

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MAHA DEVI LAXMI the Hindus call upon Laxmi to help them have the wealth they desire.

Calling on wealth can leave a bad taste in our mouths if we have been on a yogic path for many lives - as we have been steeped in full renunciation in the previous age - how can we find balance with this aspect, we want to be able to eat organic food - live in a a clear space - have the ability to travel.

 Do we feel worthy to receive and is it ok to be wealthy ?

Many of us carry confusion around money and wealth -  In this painting I have depicted Maha Devi Laxmi with the nectar of generosity pouring from her heart and the open lotus from her sacral centre her absolute fountain of abundance as she opens to the merger of spirit and matter hence the phi ratio golden mean spiral of lotus upon lotus - the realm of truth opens we are so abundant in that connection and in making this connection to spirit in the inner and out merge and we then can share all we receive.

If you have been working through unworthiness on any level this is a great shawl to imbue with the deepest remembrance that through our innermost connection with Creator Spirit that we are animated renewed revived and the full fountain of creativity springs forth abundantly from within on tap through eternity ….. 

Two years ago my cashmere producers in Nepal told me they now had the capability to digitally print on Cashmere ….. This is so inspiring to me as it completely opens a new vista in design. 

My Luxury Cashmere Shawl collection is next level high vibration clothing - each shawl is lined with silk and features a deity and then hand beaded with Rhine stones to reflect light and sparkle and depict certain aspects.

Each little jewel is a reminder that through your life times of selfless service - mantra’s  - prayers and offerings to humanity, each aspect of suffering and pain is transformed into activated meridians and minor chakra’s have stored an absolute treasure chest of Jewels within your light body. 

Please note, sale items are none refundable, we will be able to offer a store credit for any returns / exchanges requested.   

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