Medicine Beaded Power Piece Necklace Green / Blue

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This piece is handmade, has a luminous 3d quality and is of an individual design. If you are drawn to this power piece then you are ready to open your shimmering heart and wear it vividly for all to feel your radiant transmission as you along to the central spiritual sun.

We are really inspired by the skilful craftsmanship, the outstanding beauty and skill of these handmade pieces of Jewellery - or should we say - sacred adornments that are made by specific medicine communities in Colombia, Mexico and Ecuador.

These are age old skills and inspired by the visions of sacred Plant teachers such as Peyote know to open the heart and blow the mind.

We ask the communities to make each piece and imbue it with their prayers for this often out of balance western world to build a bridge with them, to honour their reverence of our Sacred Earth - Pachamama. Each piece takes up to 3 - 4 days to make by people that offer there lives in service.

MUDRA make very little profit on each piece so that we can pay as much as possible to keep this level of exquisite and valuable craftsmanship alive.

Please note, as each piece is individually made - beings and patterns may vary slightly.

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