Bamboo Luxury Panelled Leggings Red

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Rita Hraiz has designed these Bamboo Luxury Panelled Leggings to be just that little bit longer so they can be worn over the foot which is great when dancing or wearing recreationally with boots. They also have an extra long Panel at the waist that can be folded down over the stomach and hips for added security and comfort. The panel also looks like a mini skirt over the leggings when folded down for a funky layered look.

Mudra Leggings are made of super strong, breathable, Bamboo material.

These are no ordinary leggings, so they don’t bag at the knee, and remain soft and stretchy wash after wash, durable through the day and during even the most rigorous activity. They are a super quality material.

They have a soft band at the top that does not cut in to the waist, they come in an extra-long length, to be able to be worn over the foot in the dancer style, or ruched at the ankle, they don't ride up and effortlessly fit the longest legs.

Made in luxurious, breathable bamboo, which is soothing to the skin. They make an excellent option to wearing nylon opaque tights, also sustainable and eco-friendly. The material that keeps on giving without giving way, sculpting to your body.

Made from ethically sourced Bamboo, it is an incredibly loving fabric, strong yet silky smooth to touch and looks beautiful draping or hugging the body.

It also has 4 way stretch and warms to the body temperature, keeping your body cool when its too hot, or warm when its cold & it is also hypo allergic.

Red: Life Force, Passion, Being Present, Energy, Drive, Ambition, Action, Fire, Accomplishment, Creation, Motivation, Warming, Invigorating, Excitement, Sexy.

Please note, sale items are none refundable, we will be able to offer a store credit for any returns / exchanges requested.   


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