Mudra's ‘cosmic endless knot’ logo is more than an expression of our company’s brand. It embodies an ancient promise to honour the people we serve, starting with the customers we love, the suppliers we choose and the communities we support.


We look for projects and partners who share our core values and are committed to helping our communities onto a sustainable path to a better life, a life where our farmers in Nepal can grow their flocks, feed their families and continue to practice their ancient traditions of working with the land.



Each month, we donate a percentage of our company profits to the Siddhartha Foundation in Nepal. This small charity works to feed, clothe and educate the young, mostly orphan monks and nuns. We are doing all we can to preserve the ageless wisdom and spiritual traditions of our ancient cultures, but we can’t do it alone. Mudra also donates regularly to the Shambhalla Dakini Monastry who keep Tibetan monasteries alive in the restoration and up keep of several monastries and the sponsorship of the Tulku’s.


“We also give to Action Aid and charities which share our values” says Rita, “because when we open to begin to master the art of giving, we can actually open ourselves to be in deep union the kind that transcends duality,” and to feel in union with Life is to live as a soulful conscious woman.



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