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By Rita Hraiz

Visionary artist, ethical clothes designer and teacher of Ageless Wisdom, Rita Hraiz is one of the growing number of women committed to raising planetary consciousness. Her aim is to inspire love in all that she does.

Her work with different Amazonian and North American traditions have led her to recognise the huge surge of consciousness and evolution in humanity that is happening at the moment. It is her passion and life’s mission to understand the relationship between Kundalini and expanded consciousness and pass this information on to others.

She blends her intuititive artistry and modern design skills, with her understanding of the power of colour to express, inspire and heal through her art. Rita is a Visionary artist who designs and paints with Light and works with mixed media and prepares each piece with a meditation on the ageless wisdom and symbolism of the ancient teachings. She takes time to explain to buyers the deeper symbolism within each piece.

"I consider my art as a meditation on the science of kundalini and a study on the various stages of awakening. I often draw inspiration from the Yoga Sutra’s of the Patanjalis. I start the piece simply as a sketch and then make an original painting on silk".

Angel Rainbow Wings

This painting was to inspire a deepening trust in the unfolding of a Divine Plan.

That we all have our part to fulfil once we have aligned to the galactic centre, which is every where at once and can only be touched as we can become empty and open the Presence of the ONE.


Wonderful Buddha of Limitless Light

Do you feel like you have difficult Karma and are constantly pushing up hill?

This painting will bring you a powerful gentle reminder to allow stillness and to align to the heart of the SUN and mostly importantly show you your own true nature. 


Standing White Tara

Do you feel comfortable to show your true essence, are you confident to say what needs to be said?

This Painting of White Tara will support you to fully own who you are and encourage you to stand in your Naked beauty in your offering to the Divine and to heal your relationship to Mother Matter. 



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Laxmi's Lotus

This most beautiful Goddess Lakshmi, teaches us how having accessed the very core of our BEING and having touched upon the OPULENCE OF THE ABSOLUTE, we then have no where else to go apart from "becoming an absolute outpouring of generosity every day into eternity." 


Buddha Nature Activation

Do you feel you are consistently going around in your head, worrying , controlling life, and in your left brain thinking mind?

If so this painting will begin an activation process that will help you get in touch with the Budhhaic Mind that spacial right brain place that is not so operative and limited.