Cashmere Avalon Hooded Dress Aubergine


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This stunning Cashmere Hooded Long Dress looks like something out of a magical Medieval fairy tale. Luxuriously long and sweeping, it effortlessly gives the illusion of gliding like a goddess as you take steps across the floor. Its a show stopping piece that is bespoke and designed by Rita Hraiz to enable women to encompass their true femininity, energy and power.

The beautiful Cashmere is a quality handcrafted fabric knitted carefully and is breathable, sumptuous to touch, sublime to wear and feel against the skin, warming and woven with love. As with all of our cashmere designs, there is zero waste.

The super soft and silky Cashmere has been ethically sourced from the Mongolian mountain Goats and is certified as sustainable and cruelty free, as it is carefully combed from the goats rather than shaved, ensuring they are not harmed in the process. Cashmere is known as the king of yarns as it improves with age and is a wonderful investment.

Rita Hraiz is happy to support the small farming family, living in harsh conditions in the mountains, giving them a fair wage and ensuring they are able to provide their flock with the utmost care, attention and wellbeing. 

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