Ultrafine Pure Cashmere Dharma Shawl Hickory


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One Size

Peyote Medicine is the most wonderful gift to open our hearts and connect and clear our ancestral line - as well as the sacred fire and the heartbeat of drum - to find our heart songs to increase the spirit of selfless service in our lives.

This Shawl is vibrant alive and imbued with the spirit of Peyote - if you are attracted to this shawl you are most likely to be opening your heart at a whole new level of expression. 

There is something so sacred about these shawls - they feel like being wrapped by the most gentle angelic presence. So if you need a soothing very very light layer that has flow and an almost silky sheen then do try these ultra fine cashmere shawls also know as ring scarves as you can pull the entire shawl through a ring - that means its superfine.

These are the most wonderful gift for some one that is unwell and needs nurturing.

Please note, sale items are none refundable, we will be able to offer a store credit for any returns / exchanges requested. 


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